Salque-Peirani duo

Salque Peirani Duo - violoniste et accordéoniste du Festival de musique classique de St Cirq

« Breathtaking sound, sense of colofs and dynamics »

Le Nouvel Observateur

« Quite simply phenomenal  »

Review of their album “Est” awarded « Citizen jazz »

« A new language is invented : radiant, provocative, moving or jubilant  »


Of classical music they cultivated panache and rigor, of world music they fed their imagination, of jazz they developed the spell of rhythms and sound palettes.

These two exceptional artists invite you to travel into the worlds of written and improvised music, and shed new light on the erudite repertoire, traditional Central European themes, tango and jazz to create an original and jubilant language.

Crowned at the Victoires du jazz in 2014, 2015 and 2019, elected « Artist of the year » by the Jaazman magazine, Vincent Peirani is one of the most in-demand artists. His cosmopolitan and uninhibited musical vision, his incredible sense of « intersections and colors », enable him to bring magical touches to the world of music..

François Salque, who is several times crowned by the « Victoires de la Musique » and was awarded with the highest distinctions of critics, has established himself as a reference in today’s musical landscape. His sensibility, his breathtaking virtuosity and his charisma have taken him to more than 70 countries around the world and made him a key figure in the world of music.

« Extraordinary and breathtaking  »

« Fantasy and freedom. Glorious sound and total mastery…  Salque with vibrant and intense phrasing  »


François Salque :

A graduate of Yale University and of the Paris Conservatory, François Salque was at a young age awarded in international competitions (Geneva, Tchaïkovsky, Munich, Rostropovich, Rose). « The sensitivity and nobility of his game combined with exceptional charisma and virtuosity (Pierre Boulez) enabled him to win no less than ten first prizes and as many special prizes.

His concerts have already taken him to more than 70 countries, and his records as a soloist and in chamber music in the company of Paul Meyer, Emmanuel Pahud, Eric Le Sage or Alexandre Tharaud have been hailed by the press ( Diapasons d’Or, Chocs du Monde de la Musique, 10 de Répertoire, Charles Cros Academy Award, Victoires de la Musique, BBC Music Award).

He also signed 7 remarkable records with the Ysaÿe quarter, of which he was the cellist for 5 years. His commitment to the music of our era has earned him numerous tributes from contemporary composers, in particular Thierry Escaich, Karol Beffa, Jean-Baptiste Robin, Nicolas Bacri, Jean-François Zygel, Jean-Frederic Neuburger, Krystof Maratka and Bruno Mantovani.

He is at the origin of many creations mixing contemporary inspirations and traditional music, and recorded 2 particularly outstanding albums in duet with the jazz accordionist Vincent Peirani.

François Salque now teaches cello at the Haute Ecole de Musique of Lausanne and chamber music at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris. His musical depth, his technique and his eclecticism have made him an essential personality in the world of music.

Vincent Peirani :

Like all popular music, jazz is music of strong personalities.

The international recognition of accordionist Vincent Peirani is based on this essential, fundamental quality.

His musical charisma, his highly singular imagination, the conception of his art, the fruit of a journey without blinders, struck all minds very early on.

After brilliant classical studies (numerous international awards), his immersion in the jazz universe is indeed immediately marked with the seal of success until his crownings in 2014 and 2015 at the Victoires du Jazz.

Whatever the style, Vincent Peirani transforms everything he touches into gold : Jazz of course, in addition to his own projets, collaborations with Daniel Humair, Michel Portal, among others… French songs writing (Sanseverino, Les Yeux Noirs)… Film scores (composer for the film Barbara by Mathieu Amalric in 2017…

With each performance, he presents the public with a striking balance between the musically obvious (inventive repetitions of known themes) and the completely unexpected, the erudite hitches a ride with the popular, which is precisely the art of great artists

By completely renewing the language of the accordion for the past ten years he became an essential artist. One whose cosmopolitan and uninhibited musical vision, incredible sense for crossovers and colors, allow him to bring a magic touch so rare and so precious.

Credits : ©Marc Chesneau, ©Loic Gayot

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