About the festival

Michel Lethiec ©Josep Molina
As an artist very present on the stages of concerts and festivals, Michel Lethiec is also passionate about teaching. He is very actively involved in research and in spreading the repertoire, as a performer and as a program designer.

Editorial by Michel Lethiec, Art Director of the festival

The visit of Saint Cirq Lapopie is in itself an extraordinary festival for the eyes!

There was a strong demand for a festival for the ears to be added, resonating in unison with its magnificent landscapes and monuments, and finding its place among the events that already enrich the Causse region and its valleys.

This first edition offered you a weekend of eclectic programming, from the “must-haves” of classical and baroque music to jazz and improvisation, performed by a dozen original soloists of all backgrounds and generations, united in the same desire to simply share with you their love and experience of music.

Michel Lethiec, Art Director and the festival production team

L’association “La Mouchine”

Introduction to our non-profit association

The Festival is created and organized by the Mouchine association of Berganty.

This team is presided by Edith Tardy and has the following members:

  • Françoise Lethiec, general secretary
  • Francis Lepigeon, vice-president
  • Michel Tardy, treasurer

The aim of the association is to allow very diverse audiences to meet well-known or emerging artists in events such as concerts (classical music or others …) and exhibitions.

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